Kenyans shocked as Odinga’s ally Miguna is deported to Canada

Soirce: Africanews

Kenyans have expressed shock at the news that opposition lawyer and self proclaimed General of the resistance movement, Miguna Miguna has been deported to Canada.

The Official Government Newsroom on Twitter (Nexus KE) tweeted the development saying ‘‘Miguna is headed home. The court ordered he gets released and the interior ministry obeyed the orders and even assisted him with a flight ticket home.’‘

The account added that Miguna ‘‘renewed his Canadian passport on 16th June 2017’‘.

Local media reported that Miguna’s lawyers say he was deported to Canada via a KLM flight.

“It is true. He was forced into a KLM flight minutes to 10pm and we gather he is headed to Canada. Such a travesty of justice,” Dr John Khaminwa, one of Miguna’s lawyers told the Daily Nation newspaper.

The constitution of Kenya guarantees Miguna’s citizenship since he is a Kenyan by birth and many will be looking forward to the government’s explanation of the deportation.

Reports of Miguna’s deportation comes hours after High Court Judge Luka Kimaru barred the Director of Criminal Investigations and the Inspector General of the police from preferring any criminal charges against him.


Source: Africanews

Writer: Daniel Mumbere