Moesha Outrages Ghanaian Women: ABN’s Afua Adom reacts

I am massively disappointed and embarrassed by what Moesha has implied on the CNN show with Christine Amanpour. First of all, I understand that Amanpour was looking for a certain story. I’m disappointed by the lazy journalism that was displayed in interviewing only a certain type of woman. CNN knew from her profile that she was likely to be that certain type of woman. Why not head for CEO of a top company or bank? Or one of our many top broadcasters? Secondly, Moesha – you are an embarrassment. You are lazy and entitled. If you want nice things, I have an idea – go out and work for them. Millions of other women have before you and will continue to do so after you. Your Instagram fame makes you notorious, but you by no means speak for all Ghanaian women. You are not now and will never be our spokeswoman or mouth piece. I understand that this is your experience but please do not imply that it is the experience of all Ghanaian women. Also, please do not lower all our men to that of your sugar daddy. We are not all being kept and paid for by men happy to cheat on their wives. CNN – in the future if you want some comment on the experiences of love and sex of women in Ghana ask someone who has some sense please.

Writer: Afua Adom

In reaction to: CNN story: Christiane Amanpour Interviews Moesha