Statement from British Airways on providing service to Ghana

We are hugely committed to Ghana and have been flying to the region for almost 80 years, offering our Ghanaian customers a choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller cabins.

The move to Heathrow’s Terminal 3, last autumn, came after the airport decided to close Terminal 1. This allowed us to consolidate our operations in two terminals.

At the time a number of routes moved to Terminal 3 including Accra, Cape Town, Nairobi, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix and Vancouver. The long-haul cities were  chosen due to the time of day they operate in and out of Heathrow and the type of 747 aircraft they use.

Terminal 3 is a fantastic facility, providing our eligible customers with access to our Galleries Club and First class lounge, as well as an Elemis travel spa. We have enhanced the check-in experience and made improvements to the security checks to speed up the process.

Terminal 3 is convenient to the main Heathrow transport hubs, providing easy access to bus and train services to London and other destinations.